Here at Remus, we must.
It's how we approach every project and
stakeholder. Not with a Let's
see if we can' but with a

' We must'

We must deliver even
more than we promise.

We must begin by
saying yes, even to the
We must be better than,
not just everyone else, but
also ourselves.

And because we
approach everything like
we must, we do.

' We must'

make lives more comfortable.

Here at Remus,
we approach every real estate
project with the question,
'How can we make living here more
comfortable, more luxurious?'

Each residential complex and
apartment is designed to usher in a
new era of living characterised by
ultra-modern facilities,

luxurious amenities,
eco-friendliness and an elevation in
all-round living standards.

Each brick, nook and
cranny created with zero-
tolerance for compromise, and the
highest building quality and on-time delivery are primary

Coexist: Porvorim, Goa.

Postcard Portico: Guirim, Mapusa, Goa.

8 Nautical Miles: Alibaug.

Genesis : Uccasium.
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' We must'

look beyond.

We've taken the skills we've
learned from the real estate
business and applied them to a
diverse range of ventures,
each infused with the same
philosophy of innovation and

' We must'

Remus is the brainchild of
Rahul Shah, an eternal optimist
who takes to heart the famed
words of Robert Kennedy – "Some
people see things as they are and
ask why. I see things as they could
be and ask why not". A staunch
advocate of change, Rahul
is driven by the need for evolution
– personally, and in each business
venture he begins and runs.

Opting to forego a cushy
high-paying job that his Harvard
education would have afforded
him, he decided instead to open an
autospare-parts shop so he could
comprehend first-hand what it
meant to run a people-centric

He took this invaluable
experience and went on to become
one of the most admired pioneers
of the Indian real estate industry,

earning a name as an
innovator and bar-raiser.
To date, he has spearheaded
the successful development of over
9 million square feet of land with
an additional 14 million square
feet area under construction.
Under his management, the
organization has completed and
handed over 1000 unique and
premium apartments in just a few
years. He has, in fact, been the
driving force behind several high
profile city landmarks, playing a
vital role in changing Mumbai's
skyline for the better.

His people-centric policies extend
from the inside out, and he is a
firm advocate of ethics, openness,
democracy and transparency
within the workplace, and between
the company and its stakeholders.

' We must'

do more.

At Remus, we believe being a good
corporate citizen is more important
than the bottom line.

We are actively involved in the
community we are a part of, and
our social responsibilities are
considered a core part of our
policies, not just a byline.

Recognising the importance of
spirituality, we are involved in the
building and rebuilding of temples
across the country.

We have been actively involved in
the community's health, via the
setting up of public health camps
and the distribution of malaria medication.

We were part of Asia's largest slum
re-housing project, converting
9500 tenements and giving 75000
people higher living standards in 12000 new units.

A 50-bed hospital in Rajasthan,
guest houses built for police
workers and the building of a
village school are just a few of the
other initiatives we have taken to
uplift our community.


Remus is an offshoot of the
renowned and respected Sumer

Established in1965, Sumer is one
of the leading real estate developers
based out of Mumbai.

The corporation has been involved
in significant landmark projects
across Mumbai, Alibaug, Indore,
Pavana and Goa.

Behind every Sumer project is a
highly skilled and experienced
team of Site Engineers, Contractors
, Architects, Supervisors,
Chartered Accountants and other
domain experts.

As a result, each project is built
upon an unflinching commitment
to perfection with no room for

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